This post is for the moms. This post is for my mom. This is for all the moms out there that I know. I just want to say, I have a brand new respect for you! Of course, I’ve always respected you, but I’m just going to say it now – morning sickness (a term that is totally not descriptive of the sickness) is not fun.

This is not a post to complain, but to express my gratitude. So many of you have been so encouraging to me in the past two months. You’ve asked how I’ve been feeling, told me it’s normal, and that I will get through it. You can totally relate, and you know exactly what to say!

I realize that I’ve joined the club, the “selfless motherhood club” of dying to self for the joy of giving life (I don’t mean that I’ve always been selfless during the past couple months, but that I am learning firsthand what I already knew was a requirement).

(I just want to say here, that I have not been that sick, but just the normal sickness that comes with the first trimester).

And from what I know to be true from all the wonderful mothers I have seen, is that this is just the beginning of giving of myself for the amazing joy of bringing up and nurturing a little person.

So, that’s all I really want to say. Thanks for the sacrifice that you have made to give birth to all the little ones in your home.

Thank you to my mom for enduring months of bedrest, fear, and sickness in order to give birth to me.

And for those of you with daughters, one day, when your daughter is pregnant, she’ll thank you too.

3 thoughts on “New Respect

  1. I'm so glad you have a good group of gals to encourage you. I had my last two in Beaufort and so LOVED having those adoring child minded mommies around me every Sunday morning. I made long lasting friends in the nursing room and in the "nursing group" of Mom's life.

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