Yesterday, at Woman’s Life (our church’s women’s ministry), my mom gave a message on God’s Heart for Children. This week was Part 2 and the focus was practical. Last time, my mom’s message was an in-depth look at how God wired us as women to view children and how we need to also adopt God’s view of children.

Both of these talks will be available soon on

I thought my mom’s outline for the talk was really helpful so I thought I’d share it. I found it to be such a great reminder!

The sections below contains helpful tips for mothers of children in each stage. This in no way even begins to fully touch on all that was covered yesterday, so you’ll just have to listen to the talks when they are posted!

Newborns & Babies
1. Remember the R word: Relax.
2. Remember Who chose you to be a mother.
3. Savor the moments when no one can soothe your baby but you.
4. Smile, even when you’re tired.
5. Remember that God is in control.
6. Pray.

Toddlers and Preschoolers 
1. Remember the R word: Relax.

2. Play patti-cake. Build blocks. Make cookies. Play tag.
3. Give lots of hugs. Read books. Do chores.
4. Let them help you.
5. Answer their questions.
6. Welcome them into your home.
7. Pray.

1. Remember the R word: Relax.
2. Talk to them about things that interest them.
3. Ask them questions and for their opinion.
4. Laugh at the endless jokes & riddles they will discover for the first time.
5. Tell them about yourself when you were their age.
6. Play games with them even when you don’t feel like it.
7. Be the authority. Give lots of hugs.
8. Pray.

1. Remember the R word: Relax.
2. Serve lots of food (for active boys).
3. Discuss world events from a Biblical worldview. Don’t be afraid to say what you believe.
4. Get into their world and enjoy their company.
5. Continue with hugs and lots of food.
6. Respect their thoughts.
7. Let them know they are a needed member of the family. Give them meaningful work.
8. Give lots of hugs.
9. Pray.

Adult Children
1. Respect your children as the parents of their own children.
2. Don’t meddle; let them ask for your advice.
3. Look for ways to encourage them.
4. Let them know you are available to help.
5. Ask for forgiveness when necessary.
6. Give hugs.
7. Affirm their decisions.
8. Wait patiently (pray & fast) for a wayward child.
9. Tell them you love them.

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