ImageI am hosting a toddler busy bag exchange at my home tonight and for my activity to share I made a Gospel Fuzzy glove and song sheet. Some of you may be familiar with the Gospel Fuzzies, they are an old Sunday School favorite. Interestingly enough, I couldn’t find anything officially published about the Gospel Fuzzies…just blogposts of people who heard it from “their childhood Sunday School teacher.” However, I did discover that Charles Spurgeon was believed to have first used colors to explain the Gospel in 1866 when he preached at the Metropolitan Tabernacle in London. D.L. Moody, Fanny Crosby, and Amy Carmichael all used colors to explain the Gospel as well.

I teach the 2 year old class at our church and the Gospel Fuzzies have become a much anticipated song in class. My sister-in-law, Maureen also uses the Gospel Fuzzies in the 3 year old class she and my brother teach at their church.

I recently posted a picture of the Gospel Fuzzy gloves I was making for my toddler busy bag exchange and I had requests from moms who wanted the song sheet so they could make their own glove.

I thought it might be easier to post the song sheet I created here, especially since this is such a fun way to teach the truths of the Gospel to young children! Other moms might be interested too if they knew about it! Since there isn’t anywhere you can purchase the song to listen to the tune (that I was able to find) , I included a link at the bottom of my sheet of a sweet little girl I found singing it on YouTube. She does sing the tune differently than I learned it from my mom growing up, so I ended up making my own video of the song. If you would like it, just leave your email in the comments section of this post.

Have fun with the Gospel Fuzzies!

The Gospel FuzziesPDF

History of the Wordless BookPDF


9 thoughts on “The Gospel Fuzzies

  1. I love this!! We used to make bracelets for the youth, but I’d never heard of The Gospel Fuzzies for young ones. I’d love to hear how the song goes if you get a chance to send it along! Much love 🙂

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