A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to share at the CBMW T4G pre-conference. I talked about motherhood. Of course if you read this blog, you could have probably guessed that. It’s my life right now, so it is the place I am learning my biggest lessons. This talk really won’t be anything new to those of you who have followed along here for a while, but it’s so much of my heart behind my writing so I wanted to share:

Count It Pure Joy: A Generation Returning To Motherhood

If you are looking for another talk on motherhood, check out Pastor Kevin Deyoung’s talk. There are so many great ones on the site, so I encourage you to check them out. I always love listening to sermons and podcasts while I’m doing housework or at the gym. 

Two of my current favorites are the Read Aloud Revival podcast(so fun!) and Dr. Mohler’s line-by-line series on Exodus (found on his app, Albert Mohler). 

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday! 

Love from my home to yours,


One thought on “Count It Pure Joy: a generation returning to motherhood

  1. So thankful for your talk at the CBMW T4G preconference!!! The Lord is showing me how important the role of motherhood is and how it is the unique task that God has given to women! I always used to say I never wanted to be a mom because it would ruin all my dreams and aspirations. I now see that motherhood is such a noble worthy endeavor because it is what God designed us to do! I now look forward to motherhood, if it is what the Lord wills for my life.

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