Wedding Slideshow

Today we are thankful to our family and friends who poured into our lives before and after our August 22, 2009 wedding day.

And to our great God, who brought us together.

6 thoughts on “Wedding Slideshow

  1. Ben and Amy says:

    oh this made me so happy! and so sad we missed it. if the doctors had let me go, i might have! … and had the baby in beaufort 🙂 love you guys. happy 2nd anniversary!!

  2. Julie Fink says:

    My husband and I watched this together and was so blessed by it. Happy 2nd anniversary to you all. We are celebrating our 30th anniversary tomorrow and do you know where it all started? Right there in Parris Island, SC just like you.

  3. The Gundy Bunch says:

    averie jane and i just watched this together, and she had so many great questions about getting married! it's so wonderful to show her such an amazing godly couple like you and grant!

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