ImageGrant and I have been grieving this week over the bombings in Boston and the explosion in West, TX. We were heading to bed on Wednesday night when we heard the news about the fertilizer plant explosion. We were glued to the television as we watched the events unfolding in West, unable to fully believe that what we were seeing was actually taking place. We immediately began to pray through tears. It was all we could do.

It especially hit close to home for Grant since he has family who live near West. When we heard about the firemen who died trying to put out the fire, Grant looked at me and said, “They will never come home to their kids.” His face was filled with grief because he knew the pain these children would experience for the rest of their lives.

Grant shared some of his thoughts today on the CBMW website. If you aren’t familiar with The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, I encourage you to check it out!

Read his article here and read more about the heart behind CBMW here.

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